Who We Are

We know all agencies say it, but at Rethink Business, we really aren't just another of those run-of-the-mill marketing agencies: we want to be your trusted partner, driving your business towards greater success.

We're a team of three, with a diverse set of backgrounds and skills. We all had careers before moving into marketing, which brings us a unique perspective on things.

A key point: this is our business! We each own a third, so overall, we're 100% invested in its success. And because we're only successful when you are - we're 100% invested in making your business a success.

We don't have a team of salespeople. If you book a call with us you'll speak with one of us.

We don't have a team of juniors or trainees. So if you talk to us and like what you hear, it will be us working on your account every day, not someone learning on the job.

We're a small team, and we plan to keep it that way. We grow by helping a small number of clients get big. And we'd like to help you do just that.

  • Rob

    Rob spent 10 years working for a big American management consultancy before founding Rethink Business in 2009. His goal was to work with smaller businesses where he could make a bigger difference (where he could actually do stuff instead of making endless powerpoints). It's still our key goal today! He takes the lead on designing marketing strategies and the technical parts of implementing them. When not at his desk, you'll generally find him in the mountains trying to keep up with his kids on skis, snowboard or mountain bike.

  • Tom

    Tom combines a rare skillset of being an engineer and, at the same time, an artist. After spending over 10 years in engineering, he joined the team in 2016 and has not looked back. He leads our Meta ads work, and creative endeavours. He also leads on our education services clients. You won't find a more organised ad account anywhere, and he'll create you a video ad out of nothing! Outside of work, you'll find him happily hanging out with a guitar in hand, or on fun adventures in his camper van with his family.

  • Veryan

    Veryan is a qualified accountant, banking professional and all-around whiz with numbers. She joined the team in 2017 and runs our financial affairs, also building financial models to help understand the financial impact of our work for clients. It's a rare thing to have a marketing creative who can also whip up a P&L or financial forecast! She also leads on our homewares and furniture clients. A proud parent of two sons, she can usually be found sailing, skiing or cycling with her family when not enjoying the company of a spreadsheet!